Frequently Asked Questions

We work by appointment as well as on a walk-in basis. If we have time for walk-ins, it is usually posted on our Instagram. You can also walk in anytime to ask if anything is possible. With some artists, bookings run for up to a year. So always send us an email to see if your favorite artist is working with walk-ins at all. To make an appointment, you can use the option on the website or send an email. We receive many requests daily so please be patient for a reply. Appointments via DM will not be answered. Appointments with a guest artist, can be made through the guest artist themselves. Check out their Instagram page to see how to make an appointment.

This depends tremendously on what you would like to have done. For small tattoos, we usually have space within a week. For larger pieces, this runs from a few months to a year's wait with some artists.

We only schedule a drawing appointment if we believe it is necessary for your piece. In the case of a drawing appointment, we also charge a fee. As soon as you also have the design done with us, we deduct that from the price. For all other tattoos there is enough time scheduled on the day to sit together for the design. This can always be adapted to your wishes, of course.

Canceling your appointment only affects your deposit. If the appointment is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, you will get your deposit back in the form of a gift certificate and can spend it in the shop as you wish. For cancellations within 24 hours before the appointment, we are forced to take the deposit, this for the time and effort the artist put into the design and because it is then too short a day to find a new candidate to fill the spot. Since we do not work on Sundays and Mondays, cancellations of appointments on Tuesdays should be made at least Saturday before 6:00 pm. If the appointment is not cancelled before the above time, we are forced to charge the deposit for the time the artist put into the design.

We set our prices per tattoo and not with an hourly rate. They are based on the color, spot, size and degree of difficulty. You can ask for an indication of the price when applying for your tattoo. The exact price for your tattoo can be given when the design is finished.

Because of the start-up costs (disposable materials etc.), we have a starting rate of 80. So this is what the smallest tattoos will cost.

We require a deposit per tattoo to confirm the appointment and for the time and effort the artist puts into creating your design. The amount may vary from artist to artist. This amount will eventually be deducted from the total price.

You can pay with us by cash, pin or Paypal. We do not accept 200 and 500 euro bills.

We sell gift certificates starting at 25,- euros. They can be purchased in the studio, through the webshop or by mail. These are redeemable in whole or in part in the studio for any deposit or tattoo. Gift certificates are not redeemable in the webshop.

We recommend eating well and being hydrated before your appointment. It is best not to go too hard at parties the night before. This is because alcohol has a negative effect on your tattoo. It is always handy to bring something with sugar (cola for example) but should you not feel comfortable during the session, we have enough to solve that! Don't worry too much, you are in good hands in our studio.

After 4 weeks, your tattoo is pretty much healed and anything that would fade has also faded. So always wait this time to schedule a touch-up. The first time this is done free of charge. The tattoo will not be touched up free of charge if it has not been properly cared for. This will be determined on the day itself by the artist and a fee may be charged. We touch up tattoos from other artists but do not do this for free. Please send an email to get a price estimate.

This is often possible. However, for this we need to see the scar first and the design you would like. So send an email or stop by the studio to discuss if your idea is possible.

Since this is not approved by GGD and the efficacy of tattooing with ash is not good, we do not do this.

We receive daily requests from people to join True Blue as apprentices. However, we do not have space for this in addition to the current artists and apprentices. Should we ever have new spots, this will be communicated via social media.

Yes, you may bring one person with you. We can understand that you would like this as an extra opinion regarding placement or design. However, this person is not allowed further into the studio and will have to wait in the waiting room.

If your question is not answered above, you can always stop by, call 040-2025362 or email info@trueblue-tattoo.com.