YESSS!!! You got your new tattoo! Then it's a good idea to read through this page.

A new tattoo is similar to an abrasion. Poor care or unsanitary treatment can cause wound infections and scar tissue. In addition, wound infections can lead to a less good-looking tattoo. If you take proper care of the tattoo, it will take two to six weeks for the wound to heal. Below are some instructions on how to best care for a tattoo.

How do you take care of a tattoo?

During tattooing, the skin breaks down, creating a wound. If the tattoo is cared for properly, it will take about six weeks for this wound to heal. If the tattoo is covered with a sterile compress or cling film, you may remove it after 3 to 5 hours. You can shower as normal.

Treat the uncovered tattoo as follows:

  • Wash the tattoo two to three times a day with Badedas Classic or Unicura, a PH-neutral soap;
  • After washing, pat the tattoo dry with a clean, dry towel;
  • Lubricate the wound very lightly with Bepanthen ointment;
  • Be sure to wrap your tattoo again with cling film (kitchen foil) the first night.

What should you especially not do with a fresh tattoo?

In addition to proper care, it is also important not to do some things with a just-set tattoo to allow the healing process to go as smoothly as possible. 

  • In the beginning, touch the tattoo as little as possible. If you do, make sure your hands are clean;
  • Do not scratch the tattoo;
  • Do not cover the wound with plasters or bandages;
  • Be sure to avoid (bubble) baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms for the first six weeks; 
  • Be sure not to expose the tattoo to sunlight or tanning beds for the first four to six weeks;
  • Always apply sunscreen to your tattoo.

If you have any doubts or questions about the healing of your tattoo, you can always contact us or stop by. Don't feel encumbered. We, like you, want the best end result.